What a Day!


It’s become a little joke in my house. Whenever I see sunny, blue skies outside, I exclaim to my husband, “What a Day!” He usually replies with, “You’ve said that four times today.” This is just one example of how I make an active effort to be grateful during each and every day. Whether it’s simply acknowledging my family’s health; or taking a walk with my toddler searching for rocks as she exclaims, “I can’t believe how fun this is, mom”; or yelling “I love you” to my first grader on his way into school without him being embarrassed (yet) — I am always aware that these precious moments in our lives are priceless, and they are fleeting. Granted, parenting is exhausting, and many nights, I can’t put the kids to bed early enough. But as often as I’m able, I take pause to appreciate and express gratitude for the moments that are so precious and fleeting. After all, when we teach our children to have a positive outlook in life, the value of that lesson that will never be fleeting.


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