Teaching Kids Responsibility


Like all things that come with parenting, teaching kids responsibility requires consistency; and as all parents know, consistency is exhausting! My husband and I have been talking lately about doing a better job of teaching our kids to be more responsible for themselves. We want to be confident that when they visit other people’s homes, they show respect. We realize, however, if we don’t enforce those expectations in our own home, how will they know what is expected of them outside the home?


It seems pretty straightforward and simple enough to implement; but oy, having the patience to teach children the responsibility of doing chores, for instance, is more exhausting than doing those chores yourself! Asking your children where their plates go after every single meal; having them clean up their toys at the end of each and every day; or asking them repeatedly to dress themselves for school – these things are just easier to do yourself. However, this does not teach them to have manners and responsibility. The exhaustion of constantly reminding children of appropriate manners and actions is just a necessary evil to growing little human beings who you will be proud to send to a friend’s house…or out into the world.


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