Saying No


One of the most exhausting things about parenting is consistency, namely repeatedly saying “No.” Whether it be the answer to an extra bowl of ice cream, a later bedtime, giving your child a cell phone because “everyone else has one” or an extended curfew – saying “no” to your children can be exhausting. Sometimes it’s easier to just give in, and I’d bet there’s not a parent out there who hasn’t done just that – said “yes” for the mere sake of not listening to incessant whining! Now I’m a parent to toddlers, so I’ve learned that although it might seem like giving in to requests (er, demands) is the only way to avoid a whiney situation – I’ve found that my toddler may beg and beg, but if I stand my ground long enough, he’ll soon get over it…and move right along to the next request (er, demand). So I urge you parents – when you have the energy to do so – to stick to your guns!


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Be Social

From my initial phone calling asking questions before I showed up.. to the excellent service by every person working .. I could not express how grateful I am to have found this place. I have told all my friends with kids about this place and have saved this contact in my phone in case needed in the future. Exceptional cleanliness, most friendly staff. Totally made my 2.5 old feel comfortable in a doctor office setting which is usually scary. Thank you!


– Jackie at After Hours Pediatrics, Lake Worth


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