Saying No


One of the most exhausting things about parenting is consistency, namely repeatedly saying “No.” Whether it be the answer to an extra bowl of ice cream, a later bedtime, giving your child a cell phone because “everyone else has one” or an extended curfew – saying “no” to your children can be exhausting. Sometimes it’s easier to just give in, and I’d bet there’s not a parent out there who hasn’t done just that – said “yes” for the mere sake of not listening to incessant whining! Now I’m a parent to toddlers, so I’ve learned that although it might seem like giving in to requests (er, demands) is the only way to avoid a whiney situation – I’ve found that my toddler may beg and beg, but if I stand my ground long enough, he’ll soon get over it…and move right along to the next request (er, demand). So I urge you parents – when you have the energy to do so – to stick to your guns!


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