What is it with kids bringing home sand from school? I dump out literally pounds of sand from my daughter’s shoes at the end of each school day. I’m not sure how the sand not only gets into her shoes, but it also manages to get inside of her socks, so it sticks to her sweaty but cute little feet. I make it a point to leave the kids’ school shoes by the entry door to the house, but that doesn’t seem to make a difference. No matter where I walk in my house, I am walking through sand! However…I’m glad my kids are experiencing the daily joy of carefree play in the sand. If sandy feet are their only worries, then we’re in good shape.


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From my initial phone calling asking questions before I showed up.. to the excellent service by every person working .. I could not express how grateful I am to have found this place. I have told all my friends with kids about this place and have saved this contact in my phone in case needed in the future. Exceptional cleanliness, most friendly staff. Totally made my 2.5 old feel comfortable in a doctor office setting which is usually scary. Thank you!


– Jackie at After Hours Pediatrics Lake Worth


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