Parenting and Nagging


Is there such a thing as parenting too much? Lately, I’ve come to believe that there is; and mostly because I’ll drive myself crazy if I don’t put a stop to it once in a while. Keep in mind, this is in reference to parenting my smaller children—in circumstances that to a parent of a teenager may seem inconsequential. When you’re in the thick of it, though, it all seems consequential, no matter your child’s age.


It often hits me that maybe I’m parenting too much. I’ll be honest—that I’m basically nagging my kids relentlessly. There are times when I follow them around the house asking them to pick up their clothes off the floor, or throw away their trash, or flush the toilets once they’re done, or put their dishes in the sink, and it goes on and on. But from my standpoint, these are things that constantly need to get done, and the chances are good that my children won’t automatically do them without me asking, aka nagging.


Thus, I realize the importance of letting my children know what’s expected of them and setting the expectation that these things needs to be done regularly, before screen time, play time, etc. This is an approach I haven’t mastered by any means, but I’m working on it, because in order for them to understand what’s expected of them requires it to become their second nature—which is achieved through my constant parenting, err, nagging!


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