Little Personalities


Isn’t it amazing how you can identify your little ones’ personalities from such a young age? With my crew of three—ages 7, 4 and 1—I can already pinpoint which will be the sensitive child, the “wild child” and the easy-go-lucky, classic third child. There are plenty of scientific arguments to back both sides of the nature vs. nurture debate. To me, my children’s inherent personalities make a good argument for “team nature”.


It’s a beautiful thing to witness how our children were made to be and meant to be. I love to watch their individual personalities flourish. Just the other day, my son’s teacher told me “he loves to be the clown.” I confessed that I was voted class clown as my high school senior superlative. I guess that’s another check in the team nature column.


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Be Social

From my initial phone calling asking questions before I showed up.. to the excellent service by every person working .. I could not express how grateful I am to have found this place. I have told all my friends with kids about this place and have saved this contact in my phone in case needed in the future. Exceptional cleanliness, most friendly staff. Totally made my 2.5 old feel comfortable in a doctor office setting which is usually scary. Thank you!


– Jackie at After Hours Pediatrics, Lake Worth


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