Kids Hear the Darndest Things


I’ve written before about kids saying the darndest things, which got me thinking: where do those little words come from?  Kids are sponges, and they’re ALWAYS listening!


Yesterday, when I picked up my son from school, he came running to me exclaiming, “I have really exciting news!!” His enthusiasm literally made my face and my heart smile.  I realized that I talk to him with that same enthusiasm, and I get excited to the point of ridiculousness over “little” things, which of course to him are so big.  His exciting news was that he got a special note and sticker because he was a good boy in school. If only this naiveté could remain forever…sigh.

A friend recently told me how her 2-year-old daughter keeps using the word “lovely”, and it only then dawned on her how much she uses the word. Her daughter has even picked up her sarcastic tone, spilling a bowl of cheerios and saying, “Oh…lovely!”


The lesson is our children are ALWAYS listening! Someone is going to pour their influence into our children – let’s make it us and let’s make it good!


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