Back to School


Back to school time is bitter sweet. There are stress trade-offs between the summer months and the school year.  Many parents scramble during summertime to arrange for child care and activities to stimulate their children through the summer months, when academics take a back seat to mindless play. In the summertime, however, you lose a lot of the stress from the school year: sports practice after school, drive-through dinners, rushing to complete homework at night, earlier bedtimes and the ever-stressful morning rush to beat the morning school bell. So…which time of year do you prefer? Leave a comment below to let us know.


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Be Social

From my initial phone calling asking questions before I showed up.. to the excellent service by every person working .. I could not express how grateful I am to have found this place. I have told all my friends with kids about this place and have saved this contact in my phone in case needed in the future. Exceptional cleanliness, most friendly staff. Totally made my 2.5 old feel comfortable in a doctor office setting which is usually scary. Thank you!


– Jackie at After Hours Pediatrics Lake Worth


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