Emergent Symptoms

If the pediatric patient is experiencing severe shortness of breath or other emergent symptoms please call 911.


These are some of the most common symptoms in children that require immediate medical care. Look for your child’s symptoms (or something similar) to determine which type of medical care they require.


Reasons to take your child to the emergency room

  1. Severe difficulty breathing
  2. Change in responsiveness: seizure, unusually sleepy or difficult to wake, disoriented, or confused
  3. Excessive bleeding
  4. Stiff neck and fever
  5. Continuous rapid heartbeat
  6. Ingestion of poisonous substance
  7. Ingestion of excessive medication
  8. Severe head injury
  9. Medical device malfunction
  10. Infant (less than 2 months) with fever
  11. Severe dental trauma
  12. Penetrating eye trauma
  13. Neonatal jaundice
  14. Severe pain anywhere – especially  in the head, neck, back or abdomen
  15. Deep gaping lacerations
  16. Extremity injuries with obvious angulation of the bones