Perspective is Everything


“Perspective is everything” isn’t just a cliched expression. It’s our natural inclination to complain when things don’t go the easiest way for us. Another expression that’s not just a cliché is: “If everyone threw their problems into a pile, you’d probably pull yours out.” Unfortunately, we don’t always realize how fortunate we are until we gain true perspective into the things that matter in life—like our health and the health and well-being of our family.


The three hours between school and bedtime are so long, yet the years are so short. We’ll never get a do-over on this day, so we should embrace it with a mindset of gratitude, even for the things that seem so simple and mundane. As a parent, those mundane tasks include doing incessant laundry, packing lunches that may go un-eaten or rushing through homework on a busy weeknight. I try to remind myself that one day my children won’t live under my roof or rely on me anymore. It helps me gain a little perspective to turn mundane tasks into valued times.


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